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Start Changing, Stop Complaining

Start Changing, Stop Complaining

By: Micah Sallee


Complaining won't improve how youlook and feel; only change can do that. ...

​Each of us has our own story to tell, my story started in Spring 2013 when I decided I was sick & tired of being sick & tired. What's that you ask? I no longer wanted to complain about the image I saw staring back at me in the mirror and I knew the only solution to this problem was to get off my ass and finally do something. That was the year I discovered a love for being active - something I wasn't aware of in my adolescence.

Most kids grow up playing sport after sport, but not this girl. I'm more of a musical being, and played several instruments throughout grade school which took up majority of my time on top of academics. College wasn't much help in the active department either due to partying being the priority (We Are IU!).

Fast forward, past years of battling with my weight, reaching a whopping 176lbs on a 5ft. frame in 2011. By Summer 2013, I'd made it back closer to my high school weight of 120lbs. Now some may look at that number and think "that's too small" but in reality, for my height, that pretty close to just right (see image).

When it all started, I'll admit I aimed my goals towards looking similar to others when I should have been focused on just being happy with a healthier version of myself. By Summer 2014, I'd educated myself on the ins and outs of meal prep, a consistent workout regimen, how to read labels, and healthy intake levels to name a few - I just needed to start consistently applying all that I'd learned.

Today, I'm the healthiest I've ever been in my entire life at the age of 26 years young! I teach indoor cycling 3 days a week at Watts Indoor Cycling in Downtown Indy and this month marks my first year as an instructor. Was it easy to start? Heck no! I still wouldn't classify it as easy; but who wants to go through life taking the easier way...not me! Nothing wrong with a good challenge to make life a bit more interesting especially since we only get one to live.

When you finally decide to take charge of your life and become a healthier version, promise yourself you will do it for you. Not for your partner, not for your children, not because of those same individuals either - ONLY for and because of you. I hope my story helps you see that tremendous amount of potential that has always been inside of you.

Come cycle with me Monday - Wednesday at Watts Cycling, mention this article for your first class FREE with any of our amazing instructors (but of course I want you to come sweat it out with me).


Micah Sallee