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How To Stay On Track With Your New Year

How To Stay On Track With Your New Year

By: Brittany Ignas


Life happens. When you get off track, use these tips to take back your momentum. ...

Full month in and feeling the resolution fade? Stay Positive! Don’t let one day of falling back to old habits discourage you from staying on track with you new years goals! Ask yourself- What was your intention for wanting to change your health and wellness? Accept that life happens, things come up that sometimes throw us curve balls, BUT it’s also important to accept that we can’t let that hold us back. Breathing and acceptance is a huge part in achievement. In your “curve ball moments” take your deep breath, remind yourself of your goals and stay positive. A few things to help with this could include:

  1. Writing down your goals and reminding yourself of them daily.
  2. Journaling to look back at how amazing your day was and to let out any of the negative emotions.
  3. Have fun with your goals!!! Don’t let your goal become a habit, see how you can change it up to keep it interesting and you motivated! New Recipes, workouts, activities, friends to do it with, endless options!

Brittany Ignas