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IFM Trainer Spotlight: Brandon Johnson, Pure Results

IFM Trainer Spotlight: Brandon Johnson, Pure Results

Jeremy McGrew
By: Jeremy McGrew


IFM Trainer Spotlight on Trainer Brandon Johnson, covering weight loss, passion, and high intensity. ...

Finding the right trainer to get you from where you are, to achieving your health and fitness goals can be a daunting task.  Trusting the knowledge of another when it comes to something as important as your health is scary because, well, no one knows your body like you know your body. Lots of trainers start off their training practice because they enjoy being healthy and fit and want to share their knowledge, but not all trainers started with six-pack abs, a barrel chest and the legs of a Greek god. Brandon Johnson, owner of Pure Results, is a trainer with a different background than that.

As a self-proclaimed "fat boy" or "husky fella," Brandon decided that enough was enough and embarked on a fitness journey that would literally go on to reshape his life. Over the last few years, Brandon has lost more than 60 pounds and become an extremely talented Certified Personal Trainer. In spending time with Brandon two things have stuck out to me: he is incredibly humble, and the passion he has for his work burns white-hot. After he put me through one of his workouts where I almost puked for the first time since high school two-a-days, we took some time to discuss his story, where he wants to go, and where his fire comes from. 

Below is an excerpt from our interview:

What got you started in fitness and training?

​"It started with me.  I was fed up with how my life was going, spiritually, mentally and physically tired.  In the process of my change the love and passion grew into what you see now." 

Was there a specific event that caused you to say "enough is enough" in regards to your own health?

"Hell yea!!! Like I said before this was always a mental battle that I fought with.  I was always the fat kid or the "husky" fella.  One day, actually the day I took my before picture, I cried my eyes out because mentally I didn't love myself.  I tried every easy way, pills, teas, wraps which all failed but that day I knew it was time for change."

Tell me about your weight loss story..

"My journey has had it's GREAT days but also some of the most discouraging days as well.. But all in all it's been amazing.  In the beginning I used to just lift weights, but the results came when I focused on the nutrition aspect of it."

What is your philosophy of fitness?

"HIGH intensity, Weighted Cardio, and I love GROUPS. When you get the right people in one class, it's a joy to watch and sometimes I just have to join in.  Also I'm a measuring tape guy, not big on the scale."

What are the top 3 things beginners need to start living a healthy lifestyle?

"You have to be mentally tough, because it gets rough. Then knowledge and technique, and then good nutrition.

You have a fire-like passion for your job. Where does that come from?

"The fire that I have came from years of being the fat kid, years of not having confidence, [but] insecurities. One day I made a vow to change my life spiritually, mentally and physically, which turned into me wanting to change the world one person at a time.  I LOVE what I do. I love seeing the body transform."

How do you feel when you have client successes?

I feel great, I look forward to those pictures, texts, testimonials more than any monthly payments. When I see clients start buying new workout clothes, taking full body pictures, they start wearing more colors...oh yeah! When they start showing up 10-20 mins before session or class to get extra work in. That's when you know they've mentally "bought in."  Once they are mentally in this, the physical aspect comes naturally.

What excites you about the Indy Fitness Mag?

Man!!! Do you know how many people we can reach with IFM?!  The ability to network with other trainers and fitness instructors while impacting the general population..."team work makes the dream work!"


Jeremy McGrew

Jeremy McGrew