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The Unique Studio 49 Fitness Gives Back In A Big Way

The Unique Studio 49 Fitness Gives Back In A Big Way

Jeremy McGrew
By: Jeremy McGrew


IFM Reviews Studio 49 Fitness, a small botique with a philanthropic attitude. ...

My Review: Studio 49 Fitness

Front and center. Distracted by the beautiful homes all over the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood, I walked into Studio 49 Fitness right when the CRT class was starting.  Anyone that’s ever been late to a totally packed group fitness class knows, you either get there early or you get in where you fit in. That just happened to be front and center.

Let me add that group classes completely intimidate me.  Let me also add, that nearly everyone in the class I’m in is a Colts’ cheerleader. Seriously? I have the kind of rhythm you might find in a loaf of bread, and these are professionals who perform in front of 60,000 people every Sunday. This should be good...

Little did I know, that this class would be one of the most fun and unique workouts that I had ever been a part of.

​Studio 49 Fitness is located next to Café Patachou at the intersection of 49th Street and Pennsylvania, and offers a variety of exercise options to it’s members. When industry veteran Christie Thrasher-Rudd opened the doors 6 years ago, she wanted to “give it a more inviting and elegant vibe as opposed to a ‘gym’ feel.”

With its brick walls, framed mirrors, and even some antiques, Studio 49 has a completely unique look and feel about it. Perhaps more unique than the interior design is the different exercise options that are available, including TPI Golf Fitness training, power plate workouts (this blew me away), and the home-grown and exclusive CRT Method.

​CRT Method stands for Cardio Resistance Trainer and is a unique combination of cardiovascular training and resistance training via the CRT apparatus. Think a combination between TRX training and training with resistance bands. The secret sauce lies in the efficiency of the workout because it combines strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio in one workout.  ​You have to try this class!

New ownership took place in November of 2016 in the form of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) training specialist Jonathan McDowell.  His primary focuses are on offering a great experience, giving back to the community, and letting more people know about the great things going on at Studio 49.

The workout I had was amazing, and the facilities and equipment were top-notch. What really stood out to me was the importance they place on giving back to the community.

“We always strive to give back. We have partnered up a company called who help us donate to a great cause based on client check-ins on Facebook or Instagram posts. Last month for every ten check-ins, we donated a warm coat to someone in need…we donated 11 coats. We like to work out for a cause.” McDowell shared with me.

This month, every 2 check-ins will feed a child in need.  Want to do your part? Studio 49 is offering one free class to all IFM readers.  Bring a friend, enjoy a fun and unique workout, and help feed a hungry child. I for one can’t wait to get back.


Jeremy McGrew

Jeremy McGrew