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Take The Stairs!

Take The Stairs!

By: Justin Spurgeon


Don't miss out on opportunities to be active throughout the day. By taking the stairs, you'll burn a surprising amount of calories. ...

I don't care if there's room in the elevator. Take the stairs!

Many of you may consider marching up the stairs to be a last resort. Don't want to get sweaty in your work clothes? Of course not. Unless you work in a skyscraper, I think you'll be alright.

As discussed in the NEAT post, increasing the amount of non-exercise activity in your life is essential to maximizing weight loss. The more you move, the more you burn.

Check out these energy expenditure calculations from The University of New Mexico's Health Sciences Center.

One flight of stairs, three times per day=  15 calories
 Two flights of stairs, three times per day=  30 calories
 Three flights of stairs, three times per day=  45 calories
 Four flights of stairs, three times per day=  60 calories
 Five flights of stairs, three times per day=  75 calories 
 Six flights of stairs, three times per day=  90 calories

​In addition to burning more calories, taking the stairs will also help you build and maintain muscle. Climbing stairs is a complex movement and involves the use of several muscle groups. Most importantly, stair climbing works your Glutes and Calves way more than walking. So, not only are you burning more calories but also sculpting your physique.

How many extra calories can YOU burn by taking the stairs?


Justin Spurgeon