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Perspectives On CrossFit

Perspectives On CrossFit

Tim Baker
By: Tim Baker


Your perspective on CrossFit is skewed. Here are the facts: ...

Our individual perspectives are our reality and we build perspective through our experiences. The more experiences we have in a particular area give us a more clear and accurate perspective for that topic. I currently coach and personal train at Ft. Ben CrossFit, but back in 2013, when I first discovered CrossFit, I had a very different perspective of what it was.

In the fall of 2013, I tore my ACL, both Medial and Lateral Menisci, and created a small liaison on my Medial Femoral Condyle while playing basketball. During my recovery, I underwent 2 surgeries, spent 8 weeks on crutches in a “non-weight baring” status and saw a Physical Therapist multiple times a week, and I was also taking classes at IUPUI. One day in my Exercise Science class, the professor brought up CrossFit and how dangerous it was. Unfortunately, he didn’t elaborate on why he thought it was dangerous but he frequently spoke about his involvement in his local “Globo Gym.”

Later that winter while visiting my parents I heard that their neighbor lost over 60 pounds in her first few months of doing CrossFit; this immediately caught my attention. I spent the next couple of weeks reading articles on and watching YouTube videos of the professional athletes like Rich Froning (4x Fittest Man).

​While majoring in Fitness Management, living with a Physical Therapy Grad Student and going to my Physical Therapy appointments, I started to see a strong correlation between what I was learning and what CrossFit actually was. Initially, when I started watching the videos of Rich Froning and other CrossFit Games Athletes, I didn’t think it was realistic for anyone to do what they were doing, but after studying the movements and discovering Greg Glassman’s definition of fitness (constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity) it was obvious that even I (still on crutches not walking) was currently doing CrossFit.

What we see on T.V. and on Social Media isn’t CrossFit—what you are seeing is the Sport of CrossFit, where the fittest and most elite athletes in the world compete. The REAL CrossFit is the physically below average, average, and just above average people ranging in ages between 4-94 being coached through the same type of workouts as the Pros-- scaled down to their individual capabilities in order to target growth in their fitness (overall health and wellness) in the most effective and efficient way that is backed by science.

Throughout my experiences playing sports, working out in a “Globo Gym” atmosphere, studying the art of fitness, and now coaching CrossFit; I truly believe that “something is better than nothing”.  The overall goal is to avoid decrepency, lower risk and rates for chronic diseases, and improve the health of all people; but I also believe there is no more effective, nor efficient, way to do this than through application of CrossFit’s Methodology.

If you’ve been wondering what CrossFit is, and would like to see for yourself, we at Ft. Ben CrossFit are offering 3 Free Introduction Classes. Simply fill in your info below, and we will invite you for 3 classes on us! See you there.


Tim Baker

Tim Baker