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Your Next Best Workout: Bootcamp Style

Your Next Best Workout: Bootcamp Style

Alex McKinley
By: Alex McKinley


Bootcamp style fitness classes are an effective and fun way to exercise. These are the top 5 reasons you should try one. ...

With all of the choices we have for workouts these days, it's hard to know which one is going to stick for you. Some of us were born to run, some would rather max out on the bench press, and some choose the peaceful (yet challenging) path of yoga. I'm here to offer an alternative way of working out that is the perfect cross training to add to your go-to sweat sesh of choice: Bootcamp. As a personal trainer at Gym41 located here in Indy, these are my top 5 reasons to add Bootcamp to your workout repertoire.

1.) Improvement In Your Current Movement

Cross training with bootcamp will significantly improve your performance in any kind of physical activity you are already pursuing. By using HIIT techniques (High Intensity Interval Training) combined with different types of equipment (think tires, medicine balls, battle ropes, and boxes), you are bound to up your stamina and strength. This will help you run that extra mile, add another 10-pound plate, or hold that tricky arm balance.

2.) Every Day Is Different

With each day's workout differing from the next, you'll never worry about feeling bored or burnt out during class. One day you'll be doing jump squats and TRX ropes, and the next we'll have you doing tire flips and wall balls. This muscle confusion conditions your body as a WHOLE every single class.

3.) Gym41 Caters to ALL Body Types

​I know, I know, the word "Bootcamp" can be very intimidating due to the fact it's used to describe the grueling regimen that military cadets are put through, but have no fear! At Gym41 we are a community of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels; and although we do want to push you to your physical -and sometimes mental- limits, we instruct you through the workout with an encouraging and positive attitude. We won't scream at you, but you'll still have to drop and give us 20!

4.) Don't Think - Do!

​A lot of people spend wayyy too much time planning their workouts or figuring out which machine to go to next at the gym. Not only can this be mentally draining, but you waste time doing nothing when you need to be moving! So let us do the planning and all you have to do is show up, got it?

5.) Your First Class Is Always Free!

Finally, if you want to actually SEE all of these benefits of working out Bootcamp-Style for yourself, just come to a class! As mentioned above, your first class is free and Gym41 also offers a great Groupon for either a month of unlimited classes for $30 or a 10-pack for $38 to help get you started. Check out the links below for our offers as well as our weekly class schedule.
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Alex McKinley

Alex McKinley