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Healthy Swap

Healthy Swap

Katie Hake
By: Katie Hake


A common myth is that eating healthy is boring and bland....

A common myth is that eating healthy is boring and bland. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I work with bariatric patients at Indiana University Health North, to help them lose weight in preparation for surgery. In addition to being followed by a team, patients also receive individualized nutrition counseling post-operatively. We work together to identify barriers and solutions throughout their weight loss journey.

I also help people reach their health and fitness goals as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. For me, it's a personal win to see h patients discover that eating healthy can be enjoyable and delicious. I love being able to help people integrate nutrition, fitness, and wellness to create long lasting lifestyle changes.

Try these healthy alternatives to cut fat, sugar, and calories - without sacrificing flavor. You'll also sneak in some added health benefits from more nutrients.

  • Spaghetti Squash or Zucchini for noodles - The squash simply pulls apart with a fork after being roasted. Try investing in a spiralizer or mandolin to get the noodle like consistency for other non-starchy vegetables.
  • Greek Yogurt - This protein packed dairy product can be used as a dip with veggies, spread on sandwiches, or served with fruit for a sweet treat.
  • Cauliflower or Chicken Pizza Crust - Yes, it's true! Riced cauliflower or ground chicken can be used as a base to make your favorite pizza at home.
  • Mac & Cheese - Do you have picky kids? Are you a picky adult who struggles with vegetables? Swap half the cheese with butternut squash for some added nutrients, texture, and taste!
  • Beverages - Many Americans drink their calories, also known as empty calories, which do not fill us up or provide nutrients. Consider using sugar free sweeteners like Crystal Light, True Lemon, or sparkling waters to quench your thirst. Add frozen grapes, berries, or fresh lime to your water for a more natural flavor.
  • Condiments - Try to avoid heavy creams, like mayonnaise, and gravy type sauces. Try using lower calorie items like mustard, salsa, fresh lemon or lime, and other spices to add variety to your dish.

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Katie Hake

Katie Hake