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3 Healthy Habits to Adopt This Winter

3 Healthy Habits to Adopt This Winter

Alex McKinley
By: Alex McKinley


Living healthy is hard, but even harder in the winter. Here are 3 healthy habits to adopt this winter....

Is there anything less motivating than dull, grey days and freezing temps? Not to mention that being constantly bundled up in turtlenecks and baggy sweaters allows us to accumulate that winter "fluff" that comes creeping around with the cold. Contrary to the widely held belief that it is OK to hibernate for the winter (- and eat as much as a bear does), -winter is actually the perfect time to create those healthy habits that will stick with you throughout the New Year and beyond.

This time of year, many people start slowing down their social lives and spending more time indoors, so you won't be tempted by beautifully warm weather and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out if you're reading this, mom). JOSI (Joy Of Staying In) is the new girl around town and she's here to stay for the next few months, so let's get into three different ways you can fuel that inner fire to keep you warm this winter:

Take immediate action by buying a class pack, finding a personal trainer (pick me, pick me!), or getting a gym membership to ensure you aren't one of the, um, everyone who breaks their New Years Resolution a month into it. Turning your thoughts into action by utilizing the MANY fitness resources available to you means you have one less excuse to avoid getting out the door and getting your sweat on. If you're based in the Indy area, come see me for a free class at either Gym41 or D1 Training, or email me at amckinleyfitness@gmail.com to discuss the steps you should be taking towards a healthier lifestyle.

Working with a personal trainer or attending fitness classes are great ways to get started on your fitness journey, because these methods hold you accountable for your attendance and leave you less likely to bail. Getting fit can often seem intimidating or like a huge feat but just remember to take it one day, one workout, and one healthy meal at a time. Before you know it, you'll be crushing your goals!

You are surely aware of the flus, coughs, and colds that spread around this time of year, so plan ahead for them. Start taking vitamins to keep you healthy this winter and use your "sick days" for more important reasons to skip work, i.e., "treat yo'self days." Some good supplements to add to your cart this season are Vitamins C and D (both of which help keep a positive mood and strong immune system), and Vitamin E/Omega-3's (which help hair, skin, and nails stay healthy and hydrated). Apart from the supplements that will keep you healthy this winter, I also want to touch on some that can help with motivation and your fitness goals...

  1. Pre-workout-: For me, taking a pre-workout before my sweat sesh is crucial. It gives me the energy (which is much-needed at times) to not only show up for my workout, but to really give it a 100% effort. Some pre-workouts I have been loving recently are TopTrainer's Attack in Watermelon and Health Spot's Attack in Starpunch (tastes like an actual starburst).
  2. Superfoods-: Although I recommend getting your nutrients from real fruits and vegetables, adding a superfoods supplement in the winter will ensure you get those 5-9 servings a day. Many powders may look green and intimidating, but throw them in a smoothie and you won't notice a difference-well, besides your increased energy and glowing skin *wink*. Check out TopTrainer's Superfood Daily here.

Change the way you think about eating your favorite comfort foods this season and you won't find yourself wondering where those extra 10 pounds came from once spring rolls around. Your mind shouldn't automatically race to calorie bombs like pizza or your favorite burger joint that melts a whole block of cheese on top of your fries. Put a healthy spin on your typical go-to comfort foods and start dreaming of healthy chili or warming oatmeal with cinnamon and bananas. Not only will you see physical results quicker with a healthy diet, but you will feel a clearer mentality, too. Check out Buzzfeed's take on healthy comfort food swaps here and dedicate one night this week to creating one of them!


Alex McKinley

Alex McKinley