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5 Workout Moves To Use When Traveling

5 Workout Moves To Use When Traveling

By: Joe Mills


Below are 5 exercises that are easy to do when you're on the road. ...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, and with that comes the inevitable traveling which throws off even the best intentions to have a healthy holiday season.These five exercises require almost no equipment, and can be combined to make for a killer workout whether your at the In-Law’s house, a hotel, or even the airport.

Burpee: You’ve seen these all over social media from your CrossFitting friends, but there’s a reason their a staple in the popular workout program. First, they require almost no technique. Simply get your chest to the floor and stand back up. Sounds simple, but they are brutal. Second,since they are a body weight exercise, you can do them anywhere. The simplest workout of all is simply 100 burpees as fast as possible. Don't know how to do a burpee? See below.

Jump Rope:  This is the only exercise which requires any equipment, but jump ropes are exceptionally cheap, require almost no space, and pack an intense cardio punch. If you know how to, doing a set of 25 double unders (or 75 regular jump ropes) between the other exercises will have you sweating up a storm - and making room for more of Grandma’s pie - in no time.

V Up:  Everyone is always chasing those New Year’s abs come January 1st, so get a head start on the crowd by toning your core before 2017 gets here with V Ups. This move requires you to take your hands and feet, while keep arms and legs straight, and touching them repeatedly together in the middle of your body.

Push Up:  The Push Up is the most versatile strength building, body weight exercise out there. By changing your hand width, you change up which muscles are targeted and keep things fresh.

Split Jump:  This plyometric leg exercise not only builds explosive power through your quads, butt, and hamstrings, but it ramps your heart rate through the roof and sends your metabolism skyrocketing. All together that means more calories burned now, and continued calories burned later as your body works to repair those muscles and bring your core body temperature back down to normal.


Joe Mills