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3 Reasons New Years Resolutions Fail

3 Reasons New Years Resolutions Fail

By: Tyler Kiel


Fully 85% of New Years Resolutions Fail. Here are 3 reasons why you continue to miss on your fitness resolutions. ...

1.) No Plan!

Often times when the New Year hits we jump right into a diet and nutrition program with no plan. We see that it is January 1st and run to the store and buy every healthy item that we know. Then proceed to join a gym and go but have little to no understanding of why we are there other than it being their New Year’s Resolution to be there.

​Don’t just run to the store and start a diet that someone has told you of. Do your research and find what is going to work for you personally. In regards to the workout, don’t be a “hero”. If you have not been active do not fool yourself into thinking that you are going to be able to do what you have been able to in years past. Set yourself up for success and do what you know can. Progress yourself with your weights and time of exercise.

2.) Lack of Consistency

When everything is new and fresh on January 1st life seems great. The veggies taste good, it feels good to sweat and move. When March rolls around those peppers, lean proteins and fruits may not seem as appealing as a pizza and beer. I have seen through the years that March begins the “cheat” month for many. We begin to rationalize with ourselves that this one piece of candy or one drink won’t hurt us. We will just work it off tomorrow. Then begins the trend; I messed up my diet already this workout isn’t going to do any good. I missed Monday and Tuesday’s workout so this week is a wash, I will start back next week.

Start with small changes and add more changes to make the big change. It takes time to master a diet and or workout plan. Put yourself in a situation that is right for you. You may have a friend that is going to the gym 4 days per week and you are not ready for that. There is nothing wrong with doing you. Commit to what you can handle at the start of your journey and build.

Think of your journey as building a house. You have to start with a strong foundation(January) from there you can put walls up (February-April) then you can put the roof on (May-July) after the roof you can add the the ascetics of the house (July-December). The New Year resolution is a start to your journey.

3.) Life Happens

​Work. Life. Kids. Friends. I like to think of these four words as speed bumps. During the month of January you are 100mph blowing over these speed bumps as if they are not going to slow you down. Then the activities with kids pick up as the weather changes, summer cookouts, work deadlines, etc. Then these words turn into speed curbs. It throws you off your path if you don’t have a plan.

​Prepare for every week. Think about your meals and your workout schedule. Make an appointment with yourself to get your exercise in. This may mean that you have to wake up early or stay up late. Map your meals out and prep them. This way they are ready to go and there is no room for “what am I going to have”. Also, place a sticky note on each meal of what you are going to do for exercise that day. This can be as simple as a reminder to walk at lunch and take the stairs. Every little change helps.

Final Thoughts: Keep Your Resolution!

​A New Year’s resolution is a great catalyst to make a lasting change in your life. Don’t let the month of January be only the month the change happens. Set yourself up for long-term success. Have a plan that is going to work for you, understand the process is not an overnight fix, bring others in on your journey for support and most of all ENJOY the process. There will be hard days but enjoy the process of making a change in your life!


Tyler Kiel