5 Steps on How to Stay Accountable 365 to Your New Years Goals

5 Steps on How to Stay Accountable 365 to Your New Years Goals

By: Brittany Ignas


Staying on track all year long is hard. Here are 5 steps to stay on accountable to your goals. ...

New Years Resolutions... Many always start on January 1st with new Fitness and Diet goals. How often though do you feel great sticking to the goal the first month, and by June lose track and then December 31st feel you are back to square one? Here are 5 tips to stay true to your goals 365:

1.) Find an Accountability Buddy

Find someone with the same goals as you. Whether it’s someone you workout with or someone you check in with each week that you accomplished your goals! Set a weekly date with this person.

2.) Stay Positive

Positivity is Key! When you start to judge yourself about “not working out” or “eating this” it brings negative energy to that goal. Accept and non judgment are key to staying true to your goals!

3.) Meal Prep

If eating a certain way is your goal set aside time each week to prep to make the rest of your week easier.

4.) Make it Fun!

Trying a new workout maybe monthly and new recipes are always great ways to not get bored with your routine and keep you on track!

5.) Reward Yourself

After accomplishing milestones reward yourself- massages,a special treat, new outfit, whatever makes you feel your best!

Get out and Go ACCOMPLISH!!!


Brittany Ignas