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5 Things That Prevent New Year Success

5 Things That Prevent New Year Success

Sarah Johnson
By: Sarah Johnson


Steer clear of these 5 roadblocks when working to improve your health and fitness. ...

Why do we fail?

“New Year New Me.”  We all hear it every year around this time. The gyms are packed with new faces. Workout gear and “health” foods fly off the shelf. Everyone is all in.

We also see those same faces drop out one by one starting in February. There are a few that stick with it for good, but there is an alarming dropout rate and then “New Year New Me” turns to “Well, guess I’ll just try again next year.” Why is this?

1.) Time

We thrive on immediate success and gratification. We put in the hard work so we want to see the results. Results won’t come overnight or even in one week.  Be patient and celebrate the little victories like your jeans fitting a little looser, not being as winded walking up the stairs, and your skin glowing more from all those fruits and veggies you’re eating (and water you’re drinking). Focus on the small steps and stick with it.

2.) Consistency

Consistency and time go hand in hand. If you give up after a week or two because you didn’t see the results you wanted, you’re going to go back right to where you started. If you workout and eat one healthy meal only once a week, that won’t get you far either. Do we expect perfection every day every minute? No, absolutely not.

If we’re looking at a chart, success and results will not be a linear arrow shooting straight up.  The line will dip and curve. What matters is that you own up to your actions and move on. If you didn’t make it to the gym today, block out time on your schedule and make a point to go tomorrow. If you didn’t eat the best at your last meal, make healthy choices the next time. Small improvements over time will add up.

3.) Knowledge

If you are new to the gym and don’t know proper form or best workouts to accomplish the goal you have in mind, ask for help. It can be overwhelming to figure everything out on your own. Connect with people that have experience. Ask a trainer or fitness professional for advice and if you’re able, hire a trainer to work with you one-on-one for a few sessions so you can learn how to safely and properly exercise and eat for your personal goals and also have their knowledge at your disposal. (Want to give this a shot? I offer a free session to IFM readers.)

​There’s a reason you have to be certified to be able to give meal plans and workouts. It’s a science when it comes to each individual’s body and what specifically they are trying to accomplish.  If you haven’t had success in the past it isn’t because you aren’t capable of change, it could be the simple fact that you just weren’t doing what was right for YOU.

4.) Too Much, Too Fast

Be realistic and start slow. Set goals that are attainable. If you haven’t worked out before, try getting to the gym two or three days a week and once that becomes a habit, add another day.  Focus on losing just one pound a week, adding 30 more seconds to your run, lifing 5 more pounds or two more reps than you did last time. Working out too much is a real problem too that can be detrimental to your goals and health. So remember, baby steps lead to leaps and bounds over time.

>5.) Busy Schedule

We have families and jobs that keep us busy and struggling to find time to workout.  Of course we need to prioritize, but if you have goals you want to reach, you have to put in the time to work on those goals. My biggest tip here is to schedule out your workouts. Imagine you’re a sales agent. If you knew you were going to close a huge deal at 6am would you make that appointment a priority and have that sucker blocked out in your schedule? Of course you would. So why not make yourself a priority and schedule the time you have to work on yourself? Even as a trainer I have to block out time on my schedule to workout to make sure I get it done. This way you see it - you know it’s happening and when.

Write it down, get it done!


Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson