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4 Ways Yoga Fuels Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

The last decade has undoubtedly seen an astonishing growth in demand for yoga. With over 21 million Americans practicing now and nearly every health and wellness club offering some form of yoga, this conscious choice to bring harmony between your outer and inner self has become widespread.

Here are 4 lessons I’ve learned through my yoga practice and why I continue to weave mindfulness throughout my everyday routine.

1.) The Power of Persistence

​When we practice challenging poses, we learn to hold them and overcome the wave of emotions that arise. My first arm balance did not happen overnight. It took showing up to my mat every day, falling, stepping back and observing my own body, and practicing with intention to get closer to my end goal. The same applies to meeting that sales goal, creating a campaign, starting an online business, etc.

2.) It Helps You to Delve Inside

​Transitioning into the entrepreneurship world can be nothing short of chaos, but yoga has transformed my way of thinking and allowed me to find peace in the journey. The best thing one can do to combat the ‘noise’ - or frustration, anger, and anxiety - is to sit without emotion.

3.) Allows You to Realize What the World Needs

​An entrepreneur is trying to fill a space, trying to find out what consumers need and don’t have. But people are creating the same things over and over again because of the noise around and within them. Creativity allows people to come up with something that will serve the people, and imagination only happens in the present.

4.) Accept and Improve

​Every time I come onto my mat I am willing to accept where I am at today physically, mentally, and emotionally. I give myself permission to be at whatever level I am at while still being attentive to my form and working to improve each pose.

Similar to entrepreneurship, it is important to recognize where the business is at today. We don’t have time to wish we were at the same sales number as last month or daydream about where we will be in a year. There is only the present and what we can do now to improve.

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